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Atefeh Fotowat, a high school student and aspiring fashion designer with her typical day's worth of food at her home in the city of Isfahan, Iran.  (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.)  The caloric value of her typical day's worth of food in December was 2400 kcals. She is 17 years of age; 5 feet, 4.5 inches tall; and 121 pounds. Her father, a renowned miniaturist painter, is seated on the couch, along with her mother and her brother, a university student. Together, they exemplify the educated Iranian upper middle class in Isfahan, Iran's third largest city, famous for art and Islamic architecture. Atefeh's relaxed repose and her attire, combining jeans and headscarf, show her ease with foreigners yet respect for tradition. She aspires to turn her fashion designing avocation into a vocation by becoming a designer after college.  MODEL RELEASED.