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Women harvest wheat in terraced strips through the hillsides near their home in the village of Shingkhey, Bhutan. Each strip is devoted to a different crop, and dependent on the season: wheat, rice, chilies, or potatoes. The wheat harvest, now in full swing, is assigned to the women. They take two long, dowel-like sticks, pinch a fistful of wheat heads between them, and then pull up, snapping off the heads. For long-term storage, they cut the whole stalk, bind it into sheaves, and store the result in the attic, from where it is threshed little by little, as the family needs it. The family of subsistence farmers lives in a 3-story rammed-earth house in the hillside village of Shingkhey, Bhutan. From Peter Menzel's Material World Project that showed 30 statistically average families in 30 countries with all their possessions.