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(MODEL RELEASED IMAGE).The Natomo family on the roof of their mud-brick home in Kouakourou, Mali, with a week's worth of food. Family members: Soumana Natomo, 46, sits flanked by his two wives, Fatoumata Toure, 33 and Pama Kondo, 35. Soumana and Fatoumata's children are daughter Tena, 4 months, daughter Fourou, 12, son Kansy, 4, and son and daughter Mama, 8, and Fatoumata, 10. Soumana and Pama's children are son Mamadou, 10, son Mama, 13, and son and daughter Kantie, 16, and Pai, 18. To Pama's left is Kadia Foune, 33, Soumana's sister-in-law, with her children Kantie, 1, and Mariyam, 8. The Natomo family is one of the thirty families featured in the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (p. 206).