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Jill McTighe (right), a mother and school aide,  enjoys dinner with her husband Earl Gillespie and their children at their home in Willesden, London, United Kingdom. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The caloric value of her day's worth of food on a "bingeing" day in the month of September was 12300 kcals. The calorie total is not a daily caloric average.  Jill is  31 years old; 5 feet, 5 inches tall;  and 230 pounds. Honest about her food addiction replacing a drug habit, Jill joked about being a chocoholic as she enthusiastically downed a piece of chocolate cake at the end of the photo session. Her weight has yo-yoed over the years and at the time of the picture she was near her heaviest; walking her children to school every day was the sole reason she didn't weigh more. She says this photo experience was a catalyst for beginning a healthier diet for herself and her family. Jill herself is MODEL RELEASED  [Use of Jill McTighe images must be used contextually only and use cleared with Peter Menzel Photography on a case by case basis.]