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Ahsanullah Moni, a millionaire film director and business man, shows visitors part of a hotel overlooking his new Taj Mahal Bangladesh, a replica of India's famed Taj mahal built in the middle of rice fields near his home village outside Dhaka, Bangladesh.  He says he built it because most  Bangladeshi people cannot afford the trip to Agra, India to see the real thing. The entry fee for his replica is 50 Taka, about  0.75 USD. There is a 25-room hotel facing the Bangla Taj and he says his plans include a film studio and center nearby. The construction of the main Taj will be completed in about a month but the tourist attraction is now open to the public. Moni claims about 20,000 people visit daily. There is only a single lane two kilometer road winding through the surrounding rice fields connecting the main road to his attraction, near the town of Sonargaon, about 30 kilometers from Dhaka.