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(MODEL RELEASED IMAGE). The Sobczynscy family in the main room of their apartment in Konstancin-Jeziorna; Poland; outside Warsaw; with a week's worth of food. Marzena Sobczynska; 32; and Hubert Sobczynski; 31; stand in the rear; with Marzena's parents; Jan Boimski; 59; and Anna Boimska; 56; to their right and their daughter Klaudia; 13; on the couch. Cooking method: gas stove. Food preservation: refrigerator-freezer. (Polish surnames are gender-based and can change when speaking of the family as a whole. "Sobscynscy" is plural). /// The Sobczynscy family is one of the thirty families featured in the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (p. 246). Food expenditure for one week: $151.27 USD. (Please refer to Hungry Planet book p. 247 for the family's detailed food list.)