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Munna Kailash a rickshaw driver ferries his wife, niece, and son on a shopping trip in  in Varanas, Utta Pradesh province, India,. (From the book What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets.) The caloric value of his typical day's worth of food in the month of April was 2400 kcals. He is 45 years old; 5 feet, 6 inches; and 106 pounds. India has about 10 million cycle rickshaws, including passenger and cargo pedal carts. Although Munna owns his rickshaw, most rickshaw pullers rent from fleet owners for about $0.60 (USD) per day. A typical puller in a big city earns about $4 to $5 (USD) per day. Although slower than two-cycle smoke-spewing auto-rickshaws, bicycle rickshaws don't pollute the air, and the only heat they add to the atmosphere is from the bodies of their drivers.