Hungry Planet Family Food Portraits

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(MODEL RELEASED IMAGE). The Casales family in the open-air living room of their home in Cuernavaca, Mexico, with a week's worth of food. Marco Antonio, 29, and Alma Casales Gutierrez, 30, stand with baby Arath, 1, between them. At the table are their older children, Emmanuel, 7, and Bryan, 5. Cooking method: gas stove. Food preservation: refrigerator-freezer. Favorite foods? Marco Antonio: pizza. Alma: crab. Emmanuel: pasta. Bryan: crab and candy. Arath: chicken. /// The Casales family is one of the thirty families featured in the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (p. 218). Food expenditure for one week: $189.09 USD. (Please refer to Hungry Planet book p. 219 for the family's detailed food list.)