Hungry Planet Family Food Portraits

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(MODEL RELEASED IMAGE). The Molloy family: John, 43, Natalie, 41, Emily, 15 (called Em), and Sean, 5 (wearing his school uniform, including a hat for sun protection)on the backyard patio by their pool in Brisbane, on Australia's east coast, with one week's worth of food, in January. Cooking methods: stove, microwave, and outdoor BBQ grill. Food preservation: refrigerator-freezer. Favorite foods: John: prawns and chocolate. Natalie: fresh fruits and cheese. Emily: Mexican food and homemade dips. Sean: spaghetti Bolognese and lollies.  /// The Molloy family is one of the thirty families featured in the book Hungry Planet: What the World Eats (p. 30). Food expenditure for one week: $303.75 USD. (Please refer to Hungry Planet book p. 31 for the family's detailed food list.)