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Mon.mw.01.xxs..The Regzen family outside their ger with all of their possessions, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Published in Material World pages 40-41. The Regzen Batsuuri family lives in a 200 square foot ger (round tent built from canvas, strong poles, and wool felt) on a hillside lot overlooking one of the sprawling valleys that make up Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They live in a squatter's area, as do thousands of other Mongols who moved here from the rural countryside. There is no infrastructure in the area so electricity is cabled in illegally. {{Family members must walk to a community well to pump water and bring it home for laundry, cooking, and washing. Oyuntsetseg is a pharmacist who began her career working in a government pharmacy.}} Regzen Batsuuri is a truck driver..Family members are: Regzen Batsuuri (37, father); Oyuntsetseg Lhakamsuren (31, mother); Khorloo Batsuuri (9, daughter); Batbileg Basuuri (5, son), Oyunjargal Batsuuri (33, Regzen's sister); Yeruultzl Batsuuri (12, Oyunjargal's daugher). {{On the same lot, in a smaller ger, live the family of Oyuntsetseg's sister with her husband and toddler son. From Peter Menzel's Material World Project that showed 30 statistically average families in 30 countries with all their possessions.}}.