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Tha.mw.01.xxs..The Kuenkaew Family, 5:30 pm, May 31 1993, in front of their home with all of their possessions, Ban Muang Wa, Thailand. Published in Material World, pages 80-81. {{Family members are: Boontham Khuenkaew (39, father); Buaphet Khuenkaew (35, mother); Jeeraporn Khuenkaew (14, daughter); Visith Khuenkaew (9, son); Vichai Sadub (Dang) (37, Buaphet's brother, seen here holding the family's water buffalos). (From Peter Menzel's Material World Project that showed 30 statistically average families in 30 countries with all their possessions). The Khuenkaews are a farming family that grows rice for personal use, and to sell for income. Buaphet's mother gave them the land on which to build their home. She and other family members live close by. The Khuenkaew's live in a wooden 728-square-foot house on stilts, surrounded by rice fields.}}.