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Miguel Ángel Martín Cerrada, a shepherd, with his typical day's worth of food, surrounded by his flock and sheep-herding mastiff in Zarzuela de Jadraque, Spain. The caloric value of his day's worth of food in the month of April was 3,800 kcals. He is 47 years old; 5 feet, 7,5 inches tall; and 154 pounds. Miguel and his younger brother, Paco, tend 400 sheep and 60 goats on their family ranch in the tiny village of Zarzuela de Jadraque, 75 miles northeast of Madrid. Since their mother died in 2006, their father, 84-year-old Máximo Martín Pérez, divides his time between living with his sons in the country and living with his two daughters in Madrid. While outdoors from sunrise to sunset tending the flock, Miguel and Paco drink beer and wine, rather than water, believing that alcohol keeps them warm. Although animal husbandry has been the family occupation for many generations, both brothers are bachelors and the shepherding lineage will most likely end with them. MODEL RELEASED.